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I am working on a portrait series this year, 2018, for a personal project, "UNMASKED."


GOAL:  capture a subject (person) as they are.  No typical retouching of their appearance. Just an honest portrait series.  

We love the way that the people we love look. Imperfections and all. 

As a culture we are at a point where we send both the message to embrace everything but also send the message that perfection is beautiful and that's what we should move towards (filters on the phone, photoshop, plastic surgery, botox, etc) It is the age old dilemma. But one thing that any of us knows is that when we love a person, love is what makes them perfect.

I want to do this series of all ages youngest to the oldest. This is a series to celebrate truth and love and to celebrate the reality of us as we are. 

To be part of this project please get in touch.  

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