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In 2015 the holidays were coming up and I was trying to figure out what to do for Santa sessions.  I was getting super bored of the traditional santa pictures and wanted something new. I grew up in Naperville and I have my best memories downtown Naperville.  From the sled hill to Oswalds, the old Cee-bee's to the riverwalk - to sitting on the bench outside of Starbucks to being asked for my hand in marriage - downtown Naperville has a million memories for me.  


Why do so many people love it there?  It has what we all crave, charm.  


What better than to walk downtown on the busiest day of the week and on the busiest street, Jefferson, the heart of downtown Naperville, with Santa? 

I had it in my head and I had to do it.  I hired Santa booked sessions with my wonderful clients who trusted my vision and shared in it.  It was the morning of the sessions and I arrived and grabbed some coffee and waited outside for my assistant and for Santa.  I hoped he could find the place, I hoped it would go smooth - I worried and wanted to throw up.  But then I looked up and I am not kidding, I saw the most glorious Santa in the world.  Downtown didn't transform him, he transformed downtown Naperville and made it more charming.   My face lit up with a smile and I knew the day was going to be amazing.  It was.  Random kids ran up to him and screamed Santa (he is that realisitic)  - my families arrived and had the same reaction that I did... the day was perfect.  

So here we are again, 2016 and this is something I really look forward to.  I have the same wonderful Santa and will be downtown Naperville again.  

I would love for you to share in this, for you to have these gorgeous images.  Please joing me in Santa sessions, 2016.  Please get in touch to book a Santa session. 

Thank you so much,

Christina Michelle



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