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One year, already.

In the first year of life, everything happens.

At birth you finally gaze into the eyes of your child and immediately, love has sparked.

Life will forever be changed.

In that first year of life time seems to go so slow but at the one year mark, you see how far you have actually all come. The days that ran into each other of repetition and eating and changing and sleeping and napping and up at it again - in that time a newborn has learned to roll over, sit, crawl, stand, and some have learned to take those first steps... words are formed - smiles are had and bonds are made.... Especially for the first child. For the first child, not only was the child born but also a lady was born into a mother and a man was born into a father. The first year is a magical year where all three are growing together.

This session was a celebration of his first year and this families growth together.

and there is so... much.. love.