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Since we were young.

I never want to forget.

The way your hands intertwine with mine

ever since we were young and imagined the future

just as it is now.

Isn't it amazing that even with all of our trials, if we stopped and

thought of them all - that we are still who we were

on our bench with our coffee?

But more experienced.

You dear, are by far my darling - yesterday, today, and


I look down and see us, aging. Our promises are coming true.

Our dreams are all around us.

I couldn't be happier, my love.

So many times I have looked over at you,

countless times -

and have stared at you...

You are so handsome my love.

You are my coffee in the morning.

And of course, my feet. You are obsessed with my feet.

And these guys.

If we put down on a list what qualities we would want in our children, we couldn't have even created this group of awesomeness.

God is so good to us. (I liked the lighting on Jake and the reach as I turned was easier to get him - so there are a lot of Jacob pictures....)

Christina is a photographer based in Naperville, serving clients in the Chicagoland area and is available for destination sessions. Focusing primarily on Children, newborns, and families portraits sessions- she enjoys lifestyle sessions, home-based sessions, for inside and the world, during the golden hour (the hour and half before sunset), for outside sessions. To discuss and schedule your photography session, please email: or call (773)680-9369

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