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My husband wanted to take a drive to Minooka, just because. Ever since we dated we took long drives. It requires coffee and music every time and it has been one of our favorite adventures as we scoot around looking at varying towns, it is no surprise that as we had children that we have had them join in the fun. It is our tradition and it is always provoked by Jason saying, "I want to take a drive."

Enters me. The photographer. The one with a few ideas going on at all times in my head.

"Okay!" I shout, to Jason's delight. Then I scurry upstairs and tell the children to dress in comfort, PJ's if possible and to grab a couple books and stuffed animals. Jacob is on board. Abby is already dressed for comfort and I grab my striped PJ's that took me 148 hours worth of research on Amazon to purchase one night around Christmas 2015. I hear Ana whine a little, "omg a photo shoot." (she has taken part in many many of my ideas....) - she refused to wear PJ's. Okay girl, be who you are.

I grabbed a blanket, my apron from the kitchen, a winter hat - all for Jason to stare at me and say "why are you taking your apron?"

How does he not see it? I wonder. But I just smile and run out the door in my striped PJ's, two to-go cups of coffee and a bunch of impromptu props.

And we drive. Until we stop and within min. of rain - we throw down a blanket and play.