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Mother's Day.

Oh gosh, Mother's day - it is such a wonderful day to me for so many reasons. First, my own mother is my very best friend and my relationship with her and my connection with her is so deep and Second, being a mother to my wonderful children is the biggest blessing I can ever imagine.

Mother's day, It is all around wonderful.

I will get to sleep in and I am sure my little ones, prompted by my husband's attentiveness will serve me coffee in bed and maybe a plate full of crunchy, indulgent, bacon. (On a very serious side note - my mother introduced me recently to chocolate with bacon in it. Just stop. I will be 'medium curvy' forever.)

I will get gifts - probably my favorite soap, a necklace that has an owl on it or something fun - long and peaceful - maybe bacon chocolate.. and whatever else my lovelies can think of and I will be so happy and grateful. Us moms already know, our gift is being a mom and nothing can compare.

One mother out there will be getting a very awesome gift! I had the special privilege of being part of this gift - four wonderful young adults came together for a sibling portrait session for their mother this mother's day! It was so fun.

Right on kiddos, you get it.

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