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A gift.

Each one of us has experienced hardships and blessings in life. Time weaves it all together and when we look back we see how it all has unfolded and how it has come together, like a large quilt, seeing now the full picture and not just the little pieces. The hardest moments, the darkest moments, the moments where you don't know that everything is going to be okay - those moments reveal the best in humans, the angels among us.

He (husband) told me, "You think that you know someone well after many years of dating and marriage, but then a crisis happens and the real person appears."

She (wife) told me, "There have been days where I just can't emotionally deal with everything and I just break down."

"I lost a baby 2 years before. I didn't know I was pregnant until I miscarried. We didn't know how bad we wanted a baby until we lost one." She said.

2 years later and this tiny fighter was born, 3lbs 18 inches, 27 weeks old. It resulted in 90 days in the NIC-U. They found out he has Prader-Willi syndrome. Prader-Willi syndrome is a complex genetic condition that affects many parts of the body.

Mom says, "He's our fighter that keeps defying the odds time and time again"

He continued.... "Well the real person that I saw was like witnessing an Angel. I always felt that my wife would be a loving and nurturing mother, but what I saw left me speechless at times. She was at the NIC-U several times a day for 90 straight days. It was exhausting in many ways, but she was determined to get her baby out of there. We weren't able to hold our son for 3 long weeks after he was born. It felt like an eternity. I remember the day we held him for the 1st time, it was a feeling like no other. Watching my wife with her baby boy, and the tears of joy that ran down her face. It was then, that I knew that our son was going to be fine. He wasn't a fan of my hairy chest, but I held him for a short while too. Fast forward to today, and you see a strong, thriving, happy boy. We owe that to the Grace of God, and to the love, strength and sheer determination of my wife. She loves her boys (I'm her oldest) and we love her!! "

"My husband has been amazing thru our journey. He comes to every dr visit us and every therapy session. There have been days where I just can't emotionally deal with everything and I just break down. He gives me a pep talk and reminds me of how blessed we are. Sometimes he just lets me cry without saying a word cause at times it's what I need, so he grabs our son and they go out for a few hours just to give me some time to breathe."

Hardships don't define a person or a family, they are simply experiences. The gift is in the people, in the bonds, in the love and support, in eachother.

The Gifts are to be celebrated.

"The advice that I would give my son...... your mother and father love you so very much. You changed our lives and you are a blessing to this world. You bring a smile to everyone that you meet, and that is a gift that you're blessed with. Take that gift and make the world a better place, one day and one person at a time. " Dad

Seriously, this made us laugh!

"My son has made my faith stronger then ever! He's shown me that with God anything is possible and he makes no mistakes. He put him in our lives for a reason. I've learned to be more understanding and patient with others, he's made me want to help others that need it. And just He makes me want to be an all around better person. If my son can live his life, fight and struggle thru everyday with a smile on his face, why can't I? I absolutely can!!! He's my purpose in life!!" -Mom

The road ahead, no matter what may come

no matter hard days,

short days,

full days,

up days...

Our paths have crossed and together we have met

one another, loved one another, and made a family

to be with eachother

no matter what may come on the road ahead.

Christina is a photographer based in Naperville, serving clients in the Chicagoland area and is available for destination sessions. Focusing primarily on Children, newborns, and families portraits sessions- she enjoys lifestyle sessions, home-based sessions, for inside and the world, during the golden hour (the hour and half before sunset), for outside sessions. To discuss and schedule your photography session, please email: or call (773)680-9369

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