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"How far we've come."

This year my goal is to share stories. Nothing engages us more than understanding what we see when we look at images, knowing the story behind them.

I asked Mom to write something that I can share and this is what she wrote....

"I look forward to these studio photos every year, because I love to see the changes that occur in my children from one year to the next. I can see their little baby faces transforming before my eyes, and it's a sobering reminder of how quickly these years are going. And while anyone can look at these pictures and see that their legs have grown taller, their little hands and feet have gotten bigger, and their chubby cheeks are slowly dissappearing, the growth that I see in these pictures from year to year is different than what everyone else sees.

I see my first-born daughter, the one who made me a mama. I held her hand this year as I walked her into her first day of Kindergarten. My heart broke into a million pieces that day, but it also filled with pride for the person that she is growing up to be. I see my second daughter, the one who challenges me daily, but makes me a better, more gentle mama. She's so proud to be four this year, but promises to stay my little baby forever. And I see my son, who is only here by the grace of God, and who has strengthened my faith every day since he arrived into this world. He was born with many health issues, but that's not what defines him. And despite the challenges throughout this year, I am thankful for how well he's doing, and know that he was wonderfully made to fulfill a very special purpose in this life.

I love that Christina always makes them feel so comfortable during our sessions, and I love that she can capture their unique personalities in such a creative way...but mostly I love the way these pictures document moments in time, as a reminder of where we started and how far we have come."