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One year adorable.

Someone turned one! This little darling came to our Naperville studio and shared her sweet smiles and silly laughter. I'd love to take credit for her laughter, but it was her mom behind me being silly and playing peek-a-boo - resulting in those adorable smiles!

What sweet moments.

For child sessions, bringing a couple outfits can be a good idea. For example, this adorable Tutu and red headband add a wonderful, classy color pop. This image would look beautiful framed, it would be a treasured statement piece.

I am a huge fan of black and white pictures and have solidified my own unique black and white editing for a beautiful classic feeling, they have a feeling of photojournalism to me and I love the results.

All of my images are edited in both color and black and white.

In our Naperville studio we have a room that has a backdrop stand and we are able to let a child wander a bit around the studio because I have another area by my window that help to create some of my favorite images. Multiple shooting areas is key when you have wandering toddlers who love to explore!

Also, in the back of my studio we have a beautiful opening. It is where I do my horse sessions and depending on the session, where I do outside shots. With beautiful snow we had to make it outdoors.