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The boy who is raising me.

I had two girls and then a son. Throughout my life I have made many observations about 'guys' and have come to many conclusions, not bad - I just thought I understood guys. I knew my dad, my brother, his friends, my friends, boyfriends, my husband, etc.

and then I met Jacob. The tinest human I've ever held in my arms.

It changed the way I look at 'guys' and understand them. I now know that they are just as every bit as 'emotional' as us ladies. It shocks me how he crinkles up his tiny, perfect features and ooohs and aaaahs at anything adorable. Babies, tiny animals, those 'cuties' with large eyes that stare at you. He is nurturing.

Also, it is engrained in him to protect. He will cuddle with me on the couch and take his tiny arm and put it around me, it is adorable. Not only does he have the desire to protect using his super powers, but he is protective emotionally. If he senses I am having a hard day, he comes to me. Face to face and offers a hug and pat on the back and some tiny words of encouragement.

He does tiny push-ups to get a '8 - pack' and says he is going to be a police officer and a fireman and needs to get strong to help people.

He is six and he is the boy who is raising me.

A small series of images, I had mere minutes to capture him in the snow.

This was him asking me if I am seriously taking pictures outside in the snow.

His BFF, Waly.

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