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She made me a mother.

During my "40 degrees on a Thursday" shoot I was able to capture these images of my oldest. She loves doing photoshoots and is the most involved of my children, a natural model.

She is a beauty and it isn't just her outside beauty... what you see is her kindness shining through - Her warmth, her soul.

She made me a mother.

The moment I met her, I was in awe and wanted so badly to hide all of my flaws, to make her proud, to be everything she deserved and to give her all chances she should have in life. I wanted to protect her and to give her freedom, to show her the world and all of it's opportunities and wonder. I became so aware of my short comings and was driven to know more, to be more, to give more. No matter where we are in life, becoming a mother for the first time is new to us and we are babies in it ourselves. I would never be who I am today without this impressive, intelligent, witty, caring, aware, thoughtful girl.


Her eyes see the world through her experiences and thoughts

She is self assured.


...A little shy.

Some moments she stares off too long and I worry and fret about what her mind is contemplating. Was I too firm in a conversation? Does she wish for a different life? Am I good enough as a mother for her? and then other moments I look and she is a warrior and it stuns me and I realize, she is growing so fast before my very eyes and that she is thriving,

She is a thinker. Totally aware of the world around her.... with a wonderful sense of humor.

I could listen to the sound of her laughter forever.

and now, just as the moment she was born - her soul shines through and I love seeing my once little baby growing up....

My biggest wish is that my children are confident, curious, kind, intelligent, loving, and full of laughter. I hope they have peace with God and with feet strongly planted on the ground, are able to soar in life - being all they were created to be.

She makes me so proud.

Christina is a photographer based in Naperville, serving clients in the Chicagoland area and is available for destination sessions. Focusing primarily on Children, newborns, and families portraits sessions- she enjoys lifestyle sessions, home-based sessions, for inside and the world, during the golden hour (the hour and half before sunset), for outside sessions. To discuss and schedule your photography session, please email: or call (773)680-9369

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