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40 degrees on a Thursday.

It was Tuesday and as glimpses of a snow covered world were framed beautifully by my windows, I knew that as picturesque as it was, I would have to admire the snow from the inside of my warm, cozy home because it was freezing. However, to my delight, the weather was predicted to be in the 40's just two days from then.

Thursday morning came and I was on a mission. Waking the kids and telling them to take showers - blow drying hair, straightening hair - picking out clothes - gathering it all together - we burst out into the summer sun and went on our way.

A snow shoot in 40 degrees on a Thursday.

A photographers dream.

I'm not sure he was on the same page as me. 40 degrees to him was "TOO COLD." hahaha.

He is questioning me as a mom. I'm sure of it.

And of course, a snowball was a must. She threw it right at me, which made her laugh...

What do you do to stay warm in the cold weather?

Seek shelter and in this case, you find shelter in a photogenic pink Teepee that your mom sets up right in the snow.

.....Dancing, spinning, playing.