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Winter break, sleepovers, and a mini-session.

As our first real snow covered everything with a sheet of ice, rendering it a chore to leave, what else is there to do but have a cozy sleepover? Inspired by a Stacey Potter Photography, I decided to follow her lead and do a "two-minute mini" directed by my kiddos. With a sleepover underway, I seized the opportunity! (Okay, in respect of full disclosure - this was more like a 5 min. mini session.)

Here they talk about what they will be doing for their small shoot. Directors in discussion.

Oh great idea! Jump on the bed!

Are all little girls gymnasts? I can't tell if it is because I was climbing walls, mastering one handed cartwheels, and doing the splits for fun as a child. Do they take after me or is this just the way of life for energetic, happy girls?

Either way, I love it and welcome the enthusiasm - it is a natural happy enhancer. :)